Below are list of some projects that we have hands on experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.


  • Glass breaking Detection Alarm Upgrade Kit
    Fun Siren Unit

  • 12-Volt Automotive Personal Computer Shutdown/Startup Controller

  • Car Auto & Remote Starter with voice message

  • Car Blow off valve sound effect generator

  • RPM Meter

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 Consumer Product

  • Air Cooler Controller + IR remote control

  • Ozonizer Generator use in car

  • Ozonizer Generator use in room

  • Ozonizer Generator use in freezer

  • RF wireless IR remote control repeater 

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 Display Counter (base on 7 Segment Display)

  • Production Counter, control through RS232

  • Production Counter, with timer control

  • Production Performance Counter, with IR remote control

  • Count-Down Timer Counter

  • Display Counter, input by IR remote control

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  • Air Flow Monitoring System for Fume Cupboard

  • Cable Tester

  • Frequency Counter

  • Relay Checker

  • pH Data logger

  • Data Converter for Mitutoyo calliper

  • Ultrasonic Signal Generator

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 Industrial Control

  • Burn-In Driver Board

  • Matrix Relay Controller board

  • Water Valve Timer with RF remote control

  • Logic Converter for PLC

  • Encrypt Hardware ID Dongle

  • Production Idle Detector with IR sensor

  • Timer Control Solenoid Valve

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 I/O Control

  • 40 I/O controller with RS232

  • Super I/O controller with Digital I/O, A/D &D/A

  • RS232 to RS485 Converter

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Lighting Control

  • 32 channel RGB LED effect controller

  • Direction light controller

  • LED fade-in fade-out effect generator

  • LED color effect generator

  • LED color effect controller with IR remote

  • Snooker Table Light Control & Pricing System

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Message Board

  • 5x7 Dot Matrix Display Board (Scanning)

  • 6x8 Dot Matrix Display Board (Latching)

  • Brightness Controller for Message Board

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Misc & Others

  • Bird Repeller

  • Voice Recorder & Player

  • Audio Trigger Alarm

  • Sound Playback on PIC-Micro using PWM +EEPROM

  • PIC Micro Controller Training Board

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  • Simple Alarm System with Dial Function

  • Home Alarm System with LCD Display

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Solar Power Related

  • Intelligent Solar Power LED Flasher

  • Intelligent Solar Power Street Light Controller

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  • Light & Sound control System

  • "Opto-Couple" Burn-In Test Program

  • Daily Plant Performance System

  • ISD Voice chip Programmer Software

  • Customer Details Database System

  • KLSE Stock Calculator

  • LED Tester Simulator

  • Pricing System

  • Snooker Lighting Control & Pricing System

  • pH Data logger & Analyzer Software

  • 5x7 dot matrix Pattern Generator

  • Traffic Light Counter Signal Generator

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  • Charge meter for call shop

  • DTMF key display on LCD

  • Telephone Surge Protector

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 Traffic Light Related

  • Traffic Light Controller (phase 1 complete: Multiplan)

  • 3 Digit Traffic Light Count Down Counter with RS485 control

  • 3 Digit Traffic Light Count Down Counter with self learning function

  • Animate Pedestrian Traffic Light Controller

  • Pedestrian Traffic Controller with Count Down Counter

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Last updated: 2 Mar 2005