We specialize in embedded systems design, covering both hardware & firmware/software, making use of PIC micro-controllers along with additional hardware interfacing (both analog & digital).

We design electronic products, from concept to completion.

We have extensive experience with PICmicro firmware development covering a broad range of levels and applications. The firmware is develop using CCS C compiler, and simulate in Proteus VSM, so development is rapid, more structure and easy to upgrade for future features.

Customize Software develop using Visual basic, can be designed to operate on any standard PC (CPU, monitor, printer) or it can be optimized for a specific environment.
Beside this, the software can be design to communicate & interfacing with embedded system, PLC & etc through RS232, RS485, parallel port, I2C, SPI, TCP/IP, USB.

We also provide assembly service, helping our clients to complete their turnkey product that ready to market.



 Our Services in summary
  • Designing & prototyping electronic circuits and products as per custom specifications

  • Embedded systems design (hardware and firmware/software)

  • Schematic capture.

  • PCB (printed circuit board) design
    (Single Sided, Double Sided & Multilayer)

  • Complete electronic product design from concept to completion

  • Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs

  • Custom software development in Visual Basic
    (for PC platform)

  • General electronics consultant services

  • Assembly & manufacturer to complete product


Last updated: 22 Feb 2005